Adobe Target Developer Guide

Resources and Guides for Adobe Target Developers


This portal provides resources and guides for Adobe Target Developers, including API and SDK documentation to implement Target, as well as links to guides to administer Target.

Implementation Guides#

Before you implement#

Before you implement

Considerations before you implement Adobe Target.

Client-Side SDKs#


Implement Target using the AEP Web SDK.

Target Web SDK

Implement Target using at.js.

Server-Side Implementation#

Target SDK Overview

Get started with Adobe Target SDKs, including On-Device Decisioning.

Node.js SDK

How to use the Target Node.js SDK.

Java SDK

How to use the Target Java SDK.


How to use the Target .NET SDK.

Python SDK

How to use the Target Python SDK.

Hybrid Implementation#

Hybrid Deployment

Implement Target using a combination of client- and server-side implementation.

Recommendations Implementation#

Recommendations Implementation

Plan and implement Adobe Target Recommendations.

Mobile Apps#

AEP Mobile SDK Overview

Overview of how to implement Adobe Target with Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDKs.

AEP Mobile SDK Reference

Implement Adobe Target with Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDKs.


Email Overview

Overview of how to implement Adobe Target in emails.

Target APIs for implementation#


Overview of Adobe Target APIs.

Delivery API

Use Adobe Target's Delivery APIs to deliver experiences across web and mobile channels as well as non-browser based IoT devices such as a connected TV, kiosk, or in-store digital screen.

Administration Guides#

What are the Target Admin APIs?#


Overview and configuration requirements for Adobe Target Admin and Profile APIs, including Recommendations APIs.

Admin APIs#

Admin and Profile API

Use Adobe Target’s Admin and Profile APIs to manage activities, audiences, offers, properties, reports, mboxes, environments, and profiles.

Reporting API

Retrieve A/B activity report data.

Recommendations API

Use the Recommendations API.

Admin Console APIs

Manage users and product entitlements through the Adobe User Management and User Sync APIs.


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